“Does the Summer need the winter like the Spring needs the Fall?”

I began playing guitar around twelve years old, and started writing songs soon after.  I used to play my songs for my family, and always tried to get them to sing with me; And they would, my mother, my sister and brother, my uncles would learn the words and we’d belt them out in unison.

I guess I’ve always liked figuring out how things are built and constructing for myself. I worked construction, in a steel mill, as a boat repairman, in restaurants and bars. Eventually I decided to go to college and learn how the rest of the world worked, to see if I could make it better; Of course I chose philosophy. During college breaks, I travelled more, busking on the streets of Europe, digging latrines in Central America, spending a month in a Cistercian monastery.

“Love is a girl in a photograph”

Throughout my life music has been a constant companion. When I became a college philosophy professor, I moonlighted as a blues singer in a local bar. I didn’t want my students to recognize me, so I used a stage name, my middle name Edward, christened Eddie Edwards by Kansas City’s imported Irish son, the great singer Eddie Delahunt.

“We walked by the river, and lay down in the weeds” 

It hasn’t all been songs and applause. A while ago I sat in with a local band when, after about three songs, one of the members asked me to leave the stage. “We’ve got this. You can go.”   I was mortified, packing up in front of a full audience. A couple of days later they apologized for the misunderstanding but I really feel the experience worked in my favor. Now I can survive whatever goes wrong on stage. I always wound myself up about the little details, but now I’m able to relax, enjoy the music and the moment. I’m a better performer now.

I still want to make the world a better place but these days my ambitions are more locally focused. My wife and I are restoring our old house, caring for a pack of adopted dogs and playing lots of music.

Don’t worry, we’ve got this!