Herons and Heroes

I was walking the local trails this weekend when something angular caught the corner of my eyes. Sure enough, through the bushes, there it was, a spike on stilts, a large grey heron standing in the creek. It didn’t appear to be hunting, just stoic with its feet in the chilly water. You might be wondering where I am going with this, but I felt a lot of affinity with that statuesque bird. There’s a Tae Company performance this Thursday at Espresso Yourself and Eddie can’t make it; which makes it more The Tae Singular.

Prepare yourself for lots of flute music, because that’s what I’m planning, the byproduct of obsessive decades in Irish Traditional music. It’s probably 8 years or more since the last time I performed solo but there won’t be cold feet. I’m diving in.  Consider this an exclusive invitation.

PS. I saw many squirrels on my walk though I’m not sure who they might represent. If you have a great imagination, you can pretend that Eddie is at the show too, inaudible, invisible and inadmissible in court. Don’t worry; I’ve got this!

Yay Grandpa!